Democrats propose disingenuous relief to families

Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie reacts to the recent “tax relief” proposal by Senate Democrats:

GOP contends census results invalidate Illinois legislative maps

The GOP said the ACS estimates undercounted the state’s total population by 41,877 people, based on actual census results. Senate Republican leader Dan McConchie of Hawthorn Woods said the final census numbers showed the estimated data used by Democrats was “wildly inaccurate” and “ignored the voting rights of their own constituents.”

Illinois Republicans introduce “Voter Empowerment Project”

Two Republican members of the Illinois General Assembly want to allow elected officials to be recalled — a move they say would help fight corruption in the state.

Illinois lawmaker reveals 2,300 pages of Pritzker emails

State Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Morris, requested 30 days' worth of documents from the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs for when the COVID-19 outbreak began at the LaSalle home in early November. Her staff took a week to go through more than 2,000 pages. One email from the home’s administrator on Nov. 2 acknowledged an outbreak.