Operate a high-performing caucus campaign organization, recruit the best candidates that fit the districts based on polling and key messaging, cultivate these candidates and run highly sophisticated and effective campaigns. Concrete election plans, and value-add work, will start much earlier in the election cycle than previous years, and resources will be allocated not based on internal politics, but on return on investment to drive the largest number of realistic victories each cycle. Investors will have the necessary transparency and progress reporting to understand operations and strategy for maximum confidence in the organization and their investment.


Win elections to obtain and hold the majority in the Illinois Senate to pass legislation that will improve Illinois. To do this, we must win as many Illinois State Senate races as possible every election cycle for the next ten years. This begins by rebuilding the SRVF’s political infrastructure in all areas, and proving a return on investment of donors’ capital. The SRVF will be data driven in its approach, transparent in spending and decision making, reasonable in its electoral expectations each cycle and accountable for delivering real results.  

Winning elections is a byproduct of recruiting better candidates, putting permanent assets in place to empower campaigns, identifying and executing the right strategies, providing timely and consistent updates to our supporters, including operational specifics and supporting rationale to deliver wins and drive an all-important change in our culture.